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Patient ready for a Scale and Polish - dental treamtent
A scale and polish is the secret to healthy teeth and gums.

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is difficult with just brushing alone. In order to prevent gum disease and tooth decay you need to get your teeth professionally cleaned with a scale and polish. Your dentist and dental hygienist have undergone special training and utilise the latest equipment to remove stubborn stains and the build-up of plaque around the teeth and gums.

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy all year round isn’t as difficult as it seems with a regular scale and polish.

What is a Scale and Polish?

A scale and polish is basically the procedure used to professionally clean your teeth and gums. Plaque and tartar build up around your teeth, which cannot be removed by brushing alone. Specialised equipment must be used to clean the teeth, such as an Ultrasonic device we use at Benson Dental, which uses high speed movements to remove stubborn substances off the teeth. It’s quick, easy and pain free and your teeth will really be happy from it.

Beautiful teeth and gums
An example of healthy teeth and gums

The main reason a scale and polish is needed is because of plaque. After you have brushed your teeth, your teeth get covered in proteins found in your saliva. This allows bacteria to stick to your teeth and gums which cause cavities (holes in your teeth) and gum disease. Not only can this damage your teeth and gums but can also be a serious source of bad breath!

As time goes by the bacteria can continue to grow, eventually hardening into calculus which is extremely difficult to remove by brushing alone. It can build up in places that your toothbrush cannot reach properly and even in easy to reach places if your brushing technique isn’t spot on. Now the build-up of calculus is a problem, it causes decay, bleeding gums and gum recession. Leaving plaque unattended can result in some expensive dental treatment being required to correct the damage.

Do I have to see a dental hygienist?

Dental hygienist and patient
A dental hygienist and a young patient.

Both dentists and dental hygienists can carry out scale and polish treatment, but in most cases it can be better to see a dental hygienist. They are able to spend more time cleaning your teeth, unlike a dentist whose appointment times are often very restrictive. Hygienists often spend most of their time carrying out this treatment, making them really effective at it.

How much does a scale and polish cost?

A normal scale and polish costs £37 at Benson Dental, and our more advanced periodontal scale and polish costs £55. The periodontal scale and polish is used for patients with an advanced build up of calculus and/or a form of gum disease which needs extra care. Check out our latest price list here.

Does a scale and polish hurt?

With the ultrasonic technology we use at Benson Dental, a scale and polish doesn’t provide any pain or discomfort. It’s simple, fast and effective. Quite like brushing your teeth with a really fast electric toothbrush.

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Keep your teeth and gums healthy with a regular scale and polish, saving you money on dental treatment in the long run.

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